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For years Layton Roofing have been the Slate roofer in Worcester of choice. Slate roofing if both one of our passions and specialities. The ever popular Roofing Slate, is a100% natural material that is able to protect you and your home from nature’s elements for your lifetime and beyond. Created by Mother Nature over hundreds of millions of years, roofing Slate offers a unique combination of all natural material, extremely long service life and unparalleled beauty.

Extracted from the ground, fabricated by people with centuries of slate heritage and installed by craftsmen using methods passed down through generations, a Slate Roof imbues any project with a sense of quality, permanence and tradition. With an amazing array of natural colors, countless combinations of length/width/thickness, and a variety of installation styles, a Slate Roof can be customized to compliment almost any architectural style.

Whether you are an architect writing a specification for an institutional project, a roofing contractor trying to match an existing Slate Roof for an addition, or a homeowner planning your dream home looking for a Slate roofer in Worcester, let us help you make the most of what Slate has to offer.

Slate roofer in Worcester
Slate roofer in Worcester

Tiled Roofing

Shingle Roofing

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shingle roof

Tiled Roofing is a popular method of waterproofing pitched and vertical surfaces for the commercial and public market. With a vast choice of concrete tiles, and clay tiles, the individual is assured of a roof finish to suit specific needs.​

Combined with the latest breathable membranes and accessories including dry-fix methods, roof ventilation, roof insulation and so forth, a complete tile roof system can be installed to the highest standards expected.

Layton Roofing & Building Specialists selects the correct quality roofing tiles to enhance your property. Ensuring our customers receive nothing but the best for their tiled roofing requirements and ever lasting results.

Cedar Shingles & Shakes are a truly renewable and sustainable roofing and cladding material; with one of the lowest carbon footprints of any widely used building product. They are light for transport, and therefore also make savings in supporting structures; they also offer a high degree of thermal insulation.​

Western Red Cedar shingles offer a fantastic alternative to traditional roof and wall tiles due to their durability, attractive appearance, outstanding insulation properties and ease of installation. Used for hundreds of years, Western Red Cedar shingles have proven their durability in all kinds of climates. They can be used to create individual buildings, whether traditional or modern, and their rich, warm colour and texture blend beautifully in any natural environment. The natural effects of ageing and weathering give shingles and shakes an attractive silvery grey colour over time. Suitable for commercial and residential projects alike, shingles and shakes provide an outstanding natural option for roofing and cladding.

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Slate roofer in worcester
Slate roofer in Worcester
Slate roofer in Worcester
Slate roofer in Worcester