Commercial And Industrial Roofing “Cut Edge Erosion” Repair

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This day and age most factory roofs are weather proofed with metal roof sheets with an uPVC coating. These roofing sheets come in various sizes and profiles but all consist of the same material. The roofing sheets are cut to various sizes once they have been manufactured. When the sheets are cut they leave and exposed edge, allowing it exposed to the outdoor elements (rain, snow, frost). As these metal roofing sheets are generally used on low pitched roofs (15 degrees or below) and lapped on a flat surface. Under heavy rain the water forms a capillary reaction allowing the water to suck back up the roof. This water will lie in between the lapped metal sheets and in time causing the roof sheets coating to de-laminate2 commonly known as “cut edge erosion”. This then exposes the roof sheets cut edge to the elements and if not treated can cause leaks and in some cases a new roof. After time the entire roof sheet will eventually start to lose its uPVC coating due to our severe weather changes. This is corrosion is signs of an ageing roof. Below is a picture to illustrate the problems.


How To Overcome This problem?

Providing your roof sheets are salvageable and not too far gone you can take action to prevent further damage. All areas showing delamination of uPVC coating need to be rubbed, sanded to release any loose uPVC coating. The best tool for the job is a 4” angle grinder with a lionising pad. Once all areas are prepared and all flaking uPVC coating has been removed you can now treat the roof sheets. The best treatment for the roof sheets is any oil based Acrylic paint. Layton Roofing & Building Specialists use Acrypol. Just apply 1 liberal coat to the prepared areas. This will now prevent your roof sheets from further erosion and future leaks. It’s recommended to recoat the treated areas every 5 years. Below is an example before and after.

layton roofing beforelayton roofing after

Here at Layton roofing & Building we offer a professional service to treat and maintain your industrial, metal roof. Call us now for a free no obligation quote on 01905 26296, 07980324227 and a member of our specialists roof team will be happy to help.


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